First Woman Bus Driver in Jammu

Pooja Devi, the first woman driver of a passenger bus en route Jammu- Kathua despite being stereotyped by the community she did what made her proud. She became a social media sensation on her first day to work, her pictures became viral overnight on December 24, 2020.

Earlier, the lady didn't get any moral support from her husband and relatives and she had to face numerous obstacles to achieve her goals. However, she had to earn to support her family so she stood firm in her decision. She belongs to a financially unstable family, her husband is a laborer and they had 3 children. She learned truck driving from her maternal uncle Rajinder Singh and later applied for a license for driving heavy vehicles.

When been asked she said, she always wanted to become a bus or truck driver, she even used to imagine herself driving these heavy vehicles. Her family is very poverty-stricken. She had just received her basic education as her father was a farmer and couldn't bear the expense of educating her and thus she decided to opt for driving as her career.

She initiated her driving career as a car driver and later started training people in driving school. Later when she decided to drive heavy vehicles Rajinder Singh gave her the driving lessons. After she got her license for heavy vehicles, Jammu- Khatua Bus Union hired her.

Now she's getting recognition from the male bus drivers, passengers as well the Jammu bureaucrats.

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