Flight survives engine failure; drops debris on it's way back to Denver

DENVER, United States: A United Airlines flight (Flight UA328) faced a massive engine failure mid-air shortly after taking off from Denver. The plane was bound for Hawaii.

The plane survives engine failure, returns to Denver Airport.

(Source: www.gazette.com)

The Boeing 777 had 231 passengers and 10 crew on board. The right engine ablaze and wobbled on the wing of the Boeing 777-200. The cover detached as it flew over a barren landscape. The plane rained debris on a residential area of Denver before its emergency landing. Luckily, no passenger was injured. The plane was met by the emergency crew as a precaution after it landed safely.

"The plane started shaking violently. We lost altitude and we started going down," a passenger named David Delucia said.

The passengers had reported “a loud explosion” shortly after the take-off. The pilot requested emergency permission to turn back to Denver. An air of panic caught hold of the passengers on board. However, the plane landed safely in Denver. The emergency responders met with the plane soon after its safe landing. Arrangements were done for a new flight to Hawaii. Hotel accommodations were provided to those who did not plan to travel immediately.


The aeroplane dropped debris on its way back to the Denver airport. Huge chunks of debris had scattered all over a residential area of Denver.

"Given the number of people who are at Commons Park on a weekend day, we are beyond grateful that no one was injured," Broomfield policed tweeted, referring to a large public park along the South Platte River in Denver.

The debris had even scattered over the Northmoor and Red Leaf neighbourhoods. Photos posted show the front of the plane's engine housing lying in the yard of a house. It was a foot away from the front door of the house and is almost the size of a car.

Another picture showed that debris had fallen square on top of a man's truck. A large piece of debris had pierced through his neighbour’s roof, making a giant 1.51.5-metrele.

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