Food Crisis Faced in North Korea, Livelihoods Collapse amid Covid-19 Restrictions

Covid-19 has placed grim consequences on every country, but North Korea faced the worst. Observing one of the toughest border restrictions to the outside world, the Asian country is facing one of the worst food shortages ever in history.

The United Nations' independent investigator on human rights in North Korea has acknowledged the situation and noted that this is having “a dramatic impact on the human rights of the people inside the country", reported AP.

North Koreans are facing severe food shortages and the livelihoods of people are awfully collapsing.

However, being completely aware of the situation, their leader Kim Jong-Un is still not willing to loosen the restrictions implemented on international boundaries.

The children and elderly people of the country are the most vulnerable and at risk of starvation - Tomás Ojea Quintana told the General Assembly's human rights committee. He also highlighted the extent of hunger in political prison camps.

The UN investigator further noted the closing of borders would have “a devastating impact” on the people's right to health as the DRPK’s (Democratic People's Republic of Korea -- the North's official name) health infrastructure suffers from underinvestment and a critical shortage of supplies caused by underlying human rights issues, according to the AP report.

In his final report to the General Assembly after six years as the UN special investigator on human rights in the DPRK, Ojea Quintana added that “increased restrictions on freedom of movement and the shutting of national borders has choked market activity that has become essential for people's access to basic necessities, including food.”

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