For Covid-19 related scams, Singapore joins Interpol-led crime force.

The source of the image is Hindustan Times.

The entrance hall of Interpol's headquarters in Lyon, central France.

According to the media report, Singapore is joining an Interpol-led global financial crime task force, comprising the US and UK, which will look into several areas, including Covid-19-related scams.

The task force, initially comprising Singapore, the United States, UK, and Ireland, will look at illicit money flows in transnational financial crimes and how countries can combat these crimes effectively.

Singapore is joining the task force because of a need for greater international cooperation against the rising threat of cyber fraud globally, Channel News Asia (CNA) reported. The situation has worsened because of the COVID-19 pandemic, with more people working from home and transacting online. The counterfeiting or the facilitating of the (COVID-19) vaccines, whether it's online or the vaccines, are actually being shipped out.

The task force has three "clear priorities" to start with. This is the base from which the world police body fights cyber-crime world wild. The task force’s goal is to create a global anti-scam network, linking law enforcement operational units across the world to share intelligence, insights, and best practices. As a founding member of the task force, Singapore will share its own insights from the setting up of its national Anti-Scam Centre.

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