Forest fire in Chile, 100 hectares of forest and 12 houses destroyed

Chilean authorities have declared a red alert in the Tiltil commune in the Santiago Metropolitan Region and evacuated residents due to a forest fire that started on Wednesday.

The fire destroyed 100hectares of forest and 12 houses.

The Regional Social Development Service (SEREMI) has built a shelter for the evacuees, they will help provide temporary houses for the families who lost their homes to the fire.

The presidential delegate of the RM, Felipe Guevara, is in the place and indicated – after 8:00 pm – that there were already 12 properties affected. Earlier he reported that he was doing the evacuation of neighbors to a shelter that the Municipality of Tiltil has ordered ”.

Guevara affirmed that during the night, ground brigades will continue to work in the area, while air support will operate again from the morning due to visibility factors.

Luis Valenzuela, mayor of the commune, on CNN Chile, said that he ordered the Community Education Directorate to establish a temporary shelter in the Capilla de Caleu school for the protection of the inhabitants of the place. Also later, he made the call to the residents of Caleu and thus clear the roads for the work of the emergency teams

Asked about the meteorological conditions, said that currently “it is running a lot of wind, what makes the fire more likely to be able to perceive and diagnose, but at the same time that it is much riskier and advance the fire very fast “.

CONAF firefighters and helicopters fought the blaze throughout the day.

The town is in constant danger of fires due to its location in the middle of the forest.

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