Gangster evades police custody near GTB Hospital in Delhi

The scenario is of Thursday afternoon where almost 6 armed assailants reached to rescue one of their members. The associate in the police custody was Kuldeep Maan alias Fajja. He is quite close to the dreaded gangster Jitender Maan alias Gogi. The police of the third battalion got shot by the assailants.

The police killed one of the assailants when they fired back in retaliation. They also injured another associate. The others managed to escape taking Fajja with them. The police have registered an FIR and raids are being conducted to take done the assailants.

Reportedly, the incident took place around 12:24 pm when Maan was brought to GTB hospital for some treatment in the OPD. Five people arrived at the premises of the hospital in a Scorpio and a motorbike. They started to fire at the police. The police fired back in retaliation. It killed one of them and injured another. The police managed to nab the injured assailant.

Last year the counter-intelligence unit got Jitender Gogi and his three associates arrested. Kuldeep was one of them. They were arrested from MAKSPO Casabella Apartments in sector 82 of Gurugram. According to the police, Fajja is a close aide of Gogi. Gogi and his rival Tillu have been running extortion rackets in the area of Alipur and Sonipat for years. The regular conflicts between the two gangs always end in bloodshed. At least 10 members of the two gangs have been killed in the last 6 years. Many others have merely survived.

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