Ghaziabad woman Abducted, Gang-raped and Dumped by the auto-drivers in Hapur, UP

A 30 years old woman was abducted,gang-raped by three men and dumped on NH9 in Hapur, Uttar Pradesh. She is a resident of Ghaziabad and works in a departmental store in Indrapuram, Noida. The fatal incident occurred on her way home Wednesday.

According to the victim, she took the auto from a flyover near Laal Kuan in Noida, around 10:30-11 pm. The auto driver with his two companions abducted her, took her to the nearby Ganga Canal, Ghaziabad-Hapur border, gang-raped her and then made her sit in the auto and dumped them on NH9.

The area is new to her so, she was a bit confused and could not realise the kidnapping for a while.

After the incident, she went straight to Masuri Police Chawki, Ghaziabad and complained. Then she was taken to Masuri Police Station for further investigation.

Hapur Police registered an FIR against the three men under Sec 376D of IPC.

"The Ghaziabad police shared the information with us in the early hours and we sent the victim for medical examination and registered an FIR against three unidentified men on Thursday morning,” said Sarvesh Mishra, ASP Hapur.

"At Lal Kuan border of Ghaziabad, she changed the auto. After one passenger got down, the driver and his two accomplices overpowered her, took her to a secluded spot in Pilakhwa area of Hapur and sexually assaulted her,” he added.

The ASP also said, no external marks of injury or resistance were found on her body. “In cases of gang rape, many times, victims are not able to offer resistance. It has emerged that the victim is a divorcee and is the mother of a child. At present, she is living with her partner in Noida,” he said.

The police have started questioning all the

Auto-drivers and owners around Ghaziabad, who were huddled that time ."One of the teams in identifying such drivers. It will take a couple of days. As the victim has somewhat recovered from the shock, a forensic team was sent to Noida to make sketches of the suspects with their help.” says reports.

There are reports of negligence at the end of Masuri Police Station, as they took time to inform the matter, senior officials. Which may damage the possible leads to find out the criminals."We are looking into possible lapses in responding to a serious case,” said Iraj Raja, SP(Rural), Ghaziabad.

In this connection, UP still tops the list of crimes against women. And every single day, the number of crimes are shockingly increasing.

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