Government discloses all the myths regarding corona vaccine

Only a day left Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch the massive vaccination on January 16, 2020. On Thursday, Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan has revealed all the myths regarding the covid-19 vaccine via Twitter.

The massive vaccine drive will be the world's largest vaccination programme covering the entire length and breadth of the country and all preparations are in place to initiate the programme on the principles of 'Jan Bhagidari'.

The Union Health Minister answered questions on the side effects of the vaccine and whether one can be infected with Covid as well as the effect of vaccination on the fertility of beneficiaries.

1. Do Covid-19 vaccines affect?

Yes, some people can have some side effects such as mild fever and pain and body ache. However, these side effects are temporary by the time it will get a cure on their own. One should not get confused themselves by thinking that this covid-19 is going to stay in them forever.

2. Can one catch Covid-19 from the vaccine?

The Health Minister clearly said that no one will contract Covid-19 because of injecting the covid-19 vaccine. The minister said in another tweet, "You cannot contract #COVID19 because you have been inoculated with a #COVID19Vaccine Temporary side effects such as mild fever should not be confused as having contracted #COVID."

3. Can Covid-19 vaccine cause infertility in men and women?

Health minister informed that there is no specific evidence till date that via injecting corona vaccine one can suffer from infertility. He said, "infertility is not known to occur as a result of Covid-19 disease either."

He added, "Please trust only official channels of communication of the government to get correct information about Covid-19. Kindly do not pay heed to such rumours or information from unverified sources."

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