Government's witch hunt halts the operations of Amnesty International, moves to Karnataka HC

Amnesty said the govt's action was the latest in the witch-hunt of human right organizations

Amnesty International India said on Tuesday it will approach the Karnataka High Court after its bank accounts were frozen by the Enforcement Directorate. The NGO will shut its offices in India and let go of its 150 employees in Bengaluru and Delhi.

Avinash Kumar, the executive director said the case will go on for over the next few months keeping in mind the sloppy Indian Judiciary and uncertainty due to the pandemic that has affected the functioning of courts.

"Allegations far from truth", accuses Center

The center called all the allegations "far from the truth" and "a ploy to divert attention".

The center accused the organization of its lawful fundraising model as the money laundering business. The NGO was forced to shut it's offices as the center froze it's bank accounts. The government challenged the Nobel Prize-winning organization of its fidelity and that it got money into India through the FDI(Foreign Direct Investment) route which is not allowed for non-profits.

However, Amnesty refuted all the charges and explained the government action was because it had questioned the Human rights violation during the Delhi riots and the revocation of Article 370 in August last year.

Amnesty also stated that all its transactions complied with the Companies Act and other applicable laws

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