Govt: Committed to bringing uniform civil code, requires wider consultations

Union Minister of law and Justice Ravi Shankar Prasad

The government told Parliament on Wednesday that while it is committed to bringing a uniform civil code, but it requires wider consultations.

Code has been BJP's agenda for long

The distinct beliefs of the religious communities have been the central stage in the country for years.

The govt has been centered around this narrative of formulating one law for India. It was also on the electoral manifesto for the 2019 General elections.

Code needs wider consultations

Article 44 of the constitution states that the state shall endeavor to secure for its citizens a Uniform Civil Code throughout the country. Prasad said in response to the debate, “The government is committed to honouring this constitutional mandate. However, this requires wider consultations.”

No plans to abolish minority status

In the code's absence, different faiths have their own personal laws on matters such as marriage, divorce, and succession.

The law minister remarked that the govt doesn't plan to abolish minority status accorded to certain religions under the Uniform Civil Code.

Supreme court has said in September 2019, that the govt was casual at framing the Code despite the makers of the constitution being hopeful for such a law.

The Supreme court also noted that Goa had set a precedent in formulating Uniform Civil laws.

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