Gujarat facing the rise of Black Fungus cases, separate wards for the patient says the government.

Amid the sudden rise of covid—19 cases in the second wave, the Black Fungus or mycormycosis cases are also increasing among the Covid-19 survivors in many states across the country. The health officials of Gujarat and Maharashtra have already raised concerns about the same.

The cases of black fungus have crossed the 100 mark in Gujarat. At least eight COVID-19 patients have lost their vision in one because of this deadly fungal infection. The State Government of Gujarat has set up separate wards to treat black fungus. Also, 200 patients with black fungus are being treated so far in Maharashtra as well.

On Saturday, the Gujarat State Government announced they had ordered 5,000 injections of the antifungal drug, Amphotericin-B, at a cost of Rs 3.12 crore, used to treat this deadly infection.

It has a mortality rate of over 50%. Although it is a rare infection but is affecting mainly the Covid survivors in second cases because of a major rise in the cases. The cases of black fungus are quite serious and can prove fatal for both the people with suppressed immunity and those who have received steroids during COVID-19 treatment. The major factors which caused the sudden rise in the cases are including Covid are diabetes and low immunity because of increasing abuse of steroids which elevates the sugar level in blood. This helps the fungus to infect the patients, reaching towards the brain. And in such circumstances, one of the eyes of the patient had to be removed permanently to save the patient’s life.

What is Mycormycosis or Black Fungus?

It’s a type of fungal infection which occurs mostly in people with low immunity from an illness or chronic health condition. It is caused by a fungus named Mucor, which is found on wet surfaces said by V K Paul, Niti Ayog Member (Health).

What are the symptoms?

The infection starts from the nose, upper jaw, and then travels towards the brain.

Pain under the eyes, swelling of the face on one side, fever, headache, nasal congestion along with black lesions, and partial loss of vision are some of the common symptoms.

According to a Mumbai-based doctor, when the fungus reaches the brain, it’s almost a death sentence.

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