Gujrat Resumes Offline Classes of Schools and Colleges from Today with Precautionary measures

Gujrat, Jan 11: Gujrat government decided to reopen classes 10 and 12 on Monday, Jan 11 since the Covid-19 cases seemed to be declining over the past few weeks. According to ‘Unlock 5’ guidelines the Central Government allowed to resume schools and colleges from Oct15, 2020 but they left the decision on the hands of individual states to settle when they want to reopen schools.

The classes of graduation, post-graduation will also resume with maintaining proper prevention guidelines and parent's consent respectively.

Here are some preventions stated below which have to be maintained in the first place:-

• The mandatory prevention i.e. SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) should be strictly followed. The educational institutions have to store plenty of required measurements such as- thermal gun, soaps and sanitisers etc.

• The institutions especially schools have to coordinate with the primary care centre and they need to be concerned about social distancing among the students. Wearing a mask is a mandatory task.

• Exams will be conducted only upon the syllabus which is covered over the months till now.

• With resuming offline classes, the online education system will be continuing as usual. Although they can reduce the online classes (in case of schools).

• Attendance is not mandatory. Students have to submit the parent's consent letter with signatures.

• The decision of resuming offline classes will be applicable for class 10 and 12 students of all the educational boards across the state

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