Gurgaon property dealer commits suicide : Delhi Police constable and four other accused of abetment

Gurgaon: Five people along with a police constable were accused of abetting the suicide of Nathupur resident Jogender Yadav, alias Jugnoo. According to investigation reports, Jugnoo, a Gurugram- based property dealer, had committed suicide on February 4, hanging himself from a rented apartment that he owned.

Yadav had entered into a business alliance with Manoj and Jagbir Singh as of 2015. They had procured land in Dehradun from two named Prem Negi and Suresh Negi in 2017. One of the accused, Vinod Nambardar of Chakkarpur also owned land nearby. Vinod was familiar with Manoj and Jagbir. Within the next year, they sought to come together with Vinod to extend the partnership.


Manju Yadav, wife of the deceased stated that three of the business associates, Manoj, Jagbir, and Vinod had sold a share of their mutual property to a Delhi Police constable named Vikram Dabas, the deeds of which remained unknown to her husband, at first. The final transfer required Jugnoo’s signature on the NOC, for which he repeatedly refused. Yadav attempted a fresh start by joining hands with Sarbjeet. But when they kept incurring huge losses, the fact that Sarbjeet was also an accomplice of Manoj, Jagbir, and Vikram, came to light.

So the 40-year-old property dealer started receiving extortion calls, several threats for defamation, and false accusations from Vikram Dabas and his other associates. Jugnoo, unable to bear the burden decided to choose death to set himself and his family free from this nightmare.

Allegedly, on February 4th, Vikram had called Jugnoo, but he did not answer his call. Later on, after his death, on February 6, Manju filed an FIR in the DLF Phase-3 Police Station against the five.

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