Harley-Davidson takes the decision to Exit India

Harley Davidson will be withdrawing from the world’s largest two-wheeler market

The US motorcycle brand will be discontinuing its sales and manufacturing operations in India.

The coronavirus pandemic has damaged the auto industry, overburdening auto sales in the country. The motorcycle manufacturer started its operations in India in 2011 but has struggled to establish a strong foothold in the Indian bike market. It failed to compete with the country’s leading two-wheeler domestic brand Hero and Japan-based Honda motor. The company has battled for years to increase sales and improvise the profits in the country.

Harley-Davidson’s exit is a disappointment for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s strategy “Make in India” program which induces global manufacturers to invest in domestic manufacturing in the country.

As a result of this exit, the company will suffer restructuring costs of $75 million which includes one-time termination benefits of $3 million, non-current asset adjustments of $5 million, and contract termination and other costs of $67 million.

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