Hathras Crime Accused to go in for polygraph test in Gujarat.

The four accused of the much shameful Hathras Gang Rape and murder of a nineteen-year-old Dalit girl, are to be taken to Gujarat for a polygraph test and brain electrical oscillation signature profiling on Saturday in Gujarat. This form of profiling is a non-invasive ECG technique by which a suspect's participation in a crime is detected by eliciting electrophysiological impulses.

The jailer of Aligarh District Prison Pramod Kumar Singh remarked that the four accused had been taken to Gujarat by the state police on the orders of a Hathras court after CBI, which is investigating the case, has sought permission for conducting the tests.

According to the senior officials, the test will take about a week for completion on the alleged wrongdoers namely Sandeep Ravi, Ramu and Lavkush. They were arrested before the death of the victim in Delhi's Safdarjung hospital on September 29.

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