HDI: India slips two spots to 131 on Human Development Index 2020

With a total HDI value of 0.645, India was placed in the ‘medium human development’ group alongside nations like Iraq, Bhutan, Ghana, Nepal, and Cambodia

India slumped two places to 131 on the Human Development Index out of 189 countries according to a report by United Nations Development.

The HDI is a combination of people’s life expectancy at birth, expected years of schooling, mean years of schooling, and a country’s gross national income per capita.

While India is ranked 131, its neighbors Bhutan is ranked 129, Bangladesh 133, Nepal 142, and Pakistan 154, the report said. India had ranked 129 in 2018 in the index.

Norway topped the index, followed by Ireland, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Iceland.

According to the 2020 Human Development Report, the life expectancy of Indians at birth in 2019 was 69.7 years while Bangladesh has a life expectancy of 72.6 years and Pakistan 67.3 years.

India ranked 123 in the gender inequality index. The labor force participation rate of women in the country was 20.5 percent, while it was 76.1 percent for men. And only 13.5 percent of women held seats in Parliament.

The report also shows India’s gross national income per capita fell to USD 6,681 in 2019 from USD 6,829 in 2018 on a purchasing power parity (PPP) basis.

India was placed in the 'medium human development' while Sri Lanka, Maldives, Vietnam and China were part of the ‘high human development’ group. Malaysia and Japan made it to the ‘very high human development’ list.

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