Heart Wrenching Story Of An Abandoned Adolescent Boy

Children in dire straits lost their childhood prematurely. Speaking of a 9-years-old kid, Ankit who have no proposition about his originality. The only thing he could recall is that his father is in prison for years and his mother has left him to wander on the road.

But the 9-years-old never gave up and he himself is the breadwinner. This kid works in a tea shop and additionally sells balloons to earn his living. During the night he sleeps on the sidewalk with his only friend, an Indie pup, Danny. This dog is always with him.

This is how Ankit has been living for the past few years, according to a report in our correspondent Truth Spoken.

He feeds Danny and himself with his earnings. The tea shop owner said that while Ankit works in the shop, his dog sits occupying a corner waiting for him. He also added, the kid never asked for sympathetic charity not even treats for Danny. He's a generous boy, he likes to buy things by his own capability.

A few days ago, somebody saw a child and a dog sleeping under a blanket outside a closed shop, awestruck by the scenario they captured the moment on camera and soon shared the picture on social media. After the snapshot got viral on the internet. The local authority, SSP Abhishek Yadav of Muzaffarnagar had sent a team of police to search for him and found him by the Monday morning. The child is now under the foster of Muzaffarnagar police.

SSP Abhishek said, "We are trying to find his relatives. For the same, pictures of Ankit have been sent to the surrounding district. We have also informed the district's Women and Child Welfare Department about this".

Additionally, SHO Anil Kaparwan said that Ankit is currently living with a local woman, Sheila Devi. And a private school has also agreed to teach it for free, according to the police administration.

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