Heavy Downpour Exposes Shallow Graves Across the Banks of Ganga in UP

Nearly 900 dead bodies have been reportedly buried at the banks of Ganga in Unnao itself.

India's most populous state Uttar Pradesh recently witnessed a sight that can be described as one straight out of a horrifying dystopian novel. The banks of Ganga in Unnao and Ghazipur were seen to be flooded with dead bodies as the air around was filled with the stench of death.

At the Gahmar Ghat, just 7km from the Bihar border, the aftermath of the horror was recently seen. There, the police, administration, and the local residents have been busy for the last three days to do away with the dead bodies. While some were being cremated, the others were seen to be buried deep into the sand at the banks of the Ganga. Kamla Devi Dom, who has worked at the ghat for several years states how shocked she is to witness such a situation for the first time in her life. Most of these people lost their lives due to the coronavirus. Nearly all of the cases do not secure a position in the government records. According to sources, over seventy dead bodies were found to be buried at the spot.

Just like most states in India, Uttar Pradesh is struggling immensely to combat the Covid-19's second wave. On Friday, the UP government stated that they would assign the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) and the Jal Police of PAC to patrol and inspect the banks across the state to ensure that dead bodies are not disposed of in the river.

Uttar Pradesh has recorded 12,547 cases and 281 deaths in the last 24 hours

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