Heroin worth Rs 70 crores seized at Chennai airport.

Customs officers at Chennai airport seized 9.87 kg of heroin, worth Rs 70 crore, from two African women and arrested them.

Source: Times of India.

According to officials, the two arrived from Johannesburg via Doha. One of them was in a wheelchair and perhaps the customs officials interrogated the other, but she replied evasively.

Information obtained on interrogating,

“On questioning, it was learnt that a passenger from Zimbabwe was travelling to India for medical treatment at a private Super Specialty Hospital in Delhi, along with her attendant, a resident of Cape Town, South Africa, on a visa granted based on the communication from the hospital. Because of Covid-19 scare in Delhi, they landed in Chennai.”

They seized the drug under Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985 read with the Customs Act and both were arrested.

Both carried stroller bags which had false bottoms with plastic pockets and they were sprinkled with a spice powder.

On opening, the officials found a coarse white powder, and it tested positive for heroin. Totally, 9.87kg of heroin worth Rs 70 crore was seized under the NDPS Act 1985 and Customs Act.

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