High Court enquires State on the Durga Puja

High Court raises a question on the West Bengal govt. on the celebration of Durga Puja amid pandemic

The bench said that they are proud of the Durga Puja but that does not mean money can be given away. The court raised concerns over the Rs 50,000 given by the government to the registered puja committees. It raised questions on why concessions are given only to Durga Puja and if it was given while Eid as well or any other religious festival.

Mamata Banerjee declared in September that the Puja committees may not get enough advertisements this year so the donation is made. Challenging this decision, a leader of CITU, Saurav Dutta filed a case.

On Thursday, there was a hearing by the Sanjib Bandhopadhya division bench. The bench asked if it was appropriate to differentiate in a republic nation. It further said that instead of giving it to the Puja committees, it could have given it to the people directly.

The bench also said that schools are shut to decrease the spread of the Covid-19 virus. In this situation, how can the permission to celebrate a festival be given? It demanded safety measures and the guidelines on how to control the crowd.

It further asked that if all the work is to be done by the police then why are the Puja committees being given the money.

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