You're just 5 steps away from retaining flawless skin!

Maintaining great skin is as difficult as rocket science. Having radiant skin isn't synonymous with being fair. Clear skin consists of blemish and acne-free skin along with perfect pH balance.

Every day, we're flooded by countless skincare product advertisements and blogs promising crystal clear skin within a few days. Now, the decision lies ahead on whom to believe.

One must pursue a skincare routine in accordance with the seasons. For instance, in winter one should majorly rely on the oil-based product, and in summer water-based products are appreciated. Before choosing any product it would be smart of you to research the product's ingredients and vitality.

Knowing your skin type accurately will secure you some brownie points. It will help you to choose the perfect product for your skin deficiency. Since every skin type reacts differently to each ingredient.

Here's how you may determine your skin type

1. Normal Skin: The texture of the skin is neither too oily nor too dry. Excess oil formation or flaky skin is not seen in such skin type.

2. Oily Skin: The texture of the skin looks oily and greasy. The untreated open pores become clogged with dirt and may get large.

3. Dry Skin: The texture of the skin kind of looks right with a lack of sebum formation. It also lacks lipid thus, preserving moisture in the skin is very important for such skin types.

4. Combination Skin: It is has a combined skin texture only the T-bone area (forehead), nose, chin) is slightly oily but the rest remains dry.

The key measures

1. Cleansing the excess sebum from the skin with a gentle and odorless water-based cleanser.

2. Applying toner to hydrate the skin.

3. Serum containing salicylic acid would work miraculously for correcting the spot.

4. Then, moisturize the skin with gentle upward strokes to boost blood circulation.

5. Lastly, coat the skin with sunscreen to shield the skin against the harmful UV rays.

Different Skin Types Desire Distinct Attention

1. Normal: Prepping the skin with a gentle cleanser would be a great kick-start to the day. Follow with the paraben-free Toner and non-drying Moisturizer. And lastly, the application of Sunscreen with SPF 30 would be perfect.

2. Oily: To kick off the day with fresh canvas use a water-based cleanser to gently remove the sebum clogged in the pores. It is best to avoid oil-based products for oily skin types because the oil-based products may trigger the oil formation of the skin. Proceed with gentle exfoliating twice a week. Chemicals like AHAs and BHA would be better for the skin type because it works beautifully on the surface of the skin. Apply toner along with the serum containing salicylic acid as the main ingredient. Avoid lotion-type moisturizer instead, use a gel-type moisturizer to keep your skin moisturize without clogging the pores. And finish up with the SPF 60 sunscreen.

3. Dry: Using mild and oil-based cleanser won't harm! Unlike oily skin, you need extra hydration your skin. Try out lavender, rosehip, orange, aloe vera serum it may work miraculously on your skin. Try to apply oil-based moisturizer immediately within 3 minutes in the damp face. And follow up with SPF 46 sunscreen.

4. Combination: Startup with a gentle cleanser to remove the impurities formed from the last night. Exfoliate your skin twice a week and go for BHA based chemicals. Applying serum would add a cherry to the cake. Make sure the moisturizer is applied lighter on T-Zone (forehead, nose, chin). SPF 60 sunscreen will be perfect for you.

Hence, proven one can get flawlessly radiant skin hassle-free. Follow the above directions and looking all clean and clear is no farther.

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