Human atrocities takes a height

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

The powerful take over the weak ones, it has always been the way of the world and human beings have proved it right almost on every occasion. Such a cruel incident came into limelight when a video went viral on Social media on last Sunday, where a local resident can be seen throwing a dog into Bhopal's Upper Lake, also known as the Bada Talab, just for fun.

The video clearly pictures the man named Salman Khan, a local of the Tila Jamalpura area in the city of Bhopal, picking up one of the two dogs loitering around him and throwing the innocent and helpless creature into the lake, and then having the audacity to smile looking at the person shooting the incident.

A song from the Hindi movie 'Commando 3' was featured as the background music in the video.

As soon as the video went viral, netizens got extremely angry watching such a heinous act of atrocity and demanded legal action against the alleged person, following which the Bhopal police registered a case against the accused.

Such a case of horrific animal cruelty took place a few months back, in Kerela. Some other cases go like putting chilies in dogs' eyes or tying crackers in cow's tail and many more.

Laws should be strengthened and the legal system should be strict about the violence against animals.

" We must speak for those, who cannot speak for themselves"

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