Hungary banned LGBTQI+ content for minors, says it promotes pedophilia

Image source: Republic World It’s easy to be lulled by a sense that LGBTQI+ community rights are at some sort of tipping point. Despite making significant progress on the legal, political and cultural front, the Hungarian new laws in the 21st century are not only inadequately representing the community but portray them as potential criminals.

The new Hungarian laws have banned any portrayals of homosexuality or gender fluidity being shown to minors, further adding to their defense that it will help fight pedophilia. The new Hungarian law witnessed worldwide outrage/spark. The National Assembly passed the bill on a 157-1 vote. The ruling Fidesz party has a parliamentary majority, and lawmakers from the right-wing Jobbik party also endorsed the measure. However, the opposition parties boycotted the voting session to protest discrimination against LGBTQI+ people. The law only allows certain individuals or organizations, listed in the government official registry, to hold sex education classes. The limitations placed on content are not limited to the school curriculum alone. It also bans TV shows meant for children, which feature gay characters or LGBTQI+ themes. The new law not only infringes the right to freedom of free speech and expression but also the equality act. LGBTQI+ activists in Hungary and international organizations condemned the bill and compared it to a 2013 Russian law banning so-called gay ‘propaganda’. LGBTQI+ and human rights activists held protests to pressure lawmakers into defeating the bill. A lot of leaders promoting homophobia do so by insisting that they are not anti-gay, but just trying to shelter the impressionable young from ‘gay propaganda’. They took positive actions at several levels-local, national and global. Today homosexuality and queer identities have gained more acceptance than ever before, but within the boundaries of families, homes, and schools, acceptance remains a constant struggle for LGBTQI+ people. Homophobia is still one of the last acceptable forms of bigotry in some regions. In conclusion, progress shouldn’t be mistaken for success.

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