Hurricane Sally creates havoc on the Gulf Coast of the USA:

The deadly tropical storm Sally has left more than half a million (550,000 residents) of the citizens of America without power, on the US Gulf Coast. The hurricane made landfall during the early morning hours of 16 September, Wednesday, with maximum wind speeds of 169 km/hr ( 105 mph).

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) of the USA termed it a Category 2 hurricane, after the landfall and referred it as a "catastrophic and life-threatening" storm.

Ginny Cranor, the chief of the fire department of Pensacola, during her conversation with CNN, said that the hurricane has brought "four months of rain in four hours" to the city, with a part of the Bay Bridge fallen down, proving to be destructive torrential rains.

The areas of Florida Panhandle, the northwestern part of Florida, and Southern Alabama have been severely affected due to the torrent of rain, causing heavy floods in these regions. The exact figure for the numbers of dead persons hasn't been confirmed yet.

Hurricane Sally proves to be one of the most disastrous storms in the Atlantic Ocean.

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