"I'm very confident that Tokyo Olympics will have fans"- IOC Chief Thomas Bach

IOC Chief Thomas Bach (Source - International Business Times)

The Chief of International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach told on Monday to the press that he is very confident about the Tokyo Olympics and he believes that spectators will attend the events of the Olympics after post-pandemic.

IOC Chief gave this statement after discussing with the Prime Minister of Japan, Yoshihide Suga, and even praised the government officials and organizers for taking severe countermeasures to deal with the covid-19 pandemic. Bach said that they are putting a different set of tools to take different measures and they will ensure safety to every participant in the Tokyo Olympics.

He also confirmed that IOC will make sure that each participant gets vaccinated if any Vaccine gets available pre-Olympics and said he is looking forward to seeing spectators in the Olympic stadium to cheer their participants.

However, spiraling covid-19 infections along with re-newed lockdowns are again raising question marks if the games can be held in the coming year or not. The people of Japan are still skeptical due to the situation and a media team reported that more than 60% of sponsors are yet to renew their contracts for the coming year.

The Olympic organizers and staff members believe that the vaccine will provide relief to the situation and further delay or cancellation is off the table as of now.