ICG intercepted Sri Lankan boat- Ravihansi found 5 AK-47 rifles and drugs

Source: https://images.app.goo.gl/4tgPTvoE4sM9TFqT9

On March 18, Coast Guard units detected three suspicious boats off Minicoy Island, upon interrogation and rummaging off the boat, about 300 kg of drugs, worth Rs 3,000 crore, and five AK-47 rifles with 1000 live rounds were found. The defense press release reported that it received a tip on a suspicious boat likely to engage in drug trafficking in the Arabian Sea. Upon receiving the information, ICG ships and aircraft, in a coordinated operation was launched. It was noted that "The estimated value of narcotics in the International market is approximately Rs 3,000 crore. All the three boats with 19 crew have been brought to Vizhinjam here (today) for further joint investigation." This is the second major anti-drug trafficking operation undertaken by the CG on the West Coast of India within a fortnight and that during the past year, about 1.6 ton of narcotics worth approximately Rs 4,900 crore has been seized, which amounted to Rs 10,952 crore since inception by the CG.

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