If the government enables to pay 10 lakh allowance must leave the rule - Rahul Gandhi

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Supreme Court of India, known for its Justice is on the platform to provide an allowance to the victim’s family of corona who lost their family members in this huge pandemic. It also requested to decide the compensation amount within six weeks.

The bench led the way by Ashok Bhushan and MR Shah on 30 June 2021.

It pleaded to the central government for allowance of 4 lakh to each individual who died of covid-19 or post covid completions. It also showed objections against NDMA (National Disaster Management Authority) as it was ignorant of its duty. Bounded them to give “minimum standard of relief which includes ex gratia help", in which the financial help is unavoidable, not optional.

The government must also issue a certificate of death who died because of corona and also with the agency if family demands.

Government response to the allowance plea-

The compensation is too high to pay since the country is facing a huge decrease in tax because of covid. We can only donate ex gratia help to the state-facing natural disaster.

Recover the number of people who died is approximately 4 lakh. It will lead to the country’s economic status into crisis instead of doing better.

Opponents’ response in this matter -

Rahul Gandhi -

On Monday, they demanded 10 lakh to each individual and if the government cannot contribute, they may leave the right to rule.

He also suggested that petrol and diesel can draw away the tax.

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