IIM Kolkata's first female director resigned

KOLKATA: Anju Seth, the first female director of IIM Kolkata, resigned within a month of pruning her powers. Recently, Anju had taken a two-day leave due to illness and after joining back she resigned. Anju had about one year left in her career. But she withdrew before retiring. The question is whether she took this decision due to the recent conflict with the board of directors of that educational institution.

Anju resigned from IIM Kolkata. Source: Times Now

Anju's feud with the board of directors of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) in Kolkata began last year. Anju claims that Shrikrishna Kulkarni, the chairman of the organization, is 'interfering' in his decision. On the other hand, the board has counter-claimed against Anju for 'inappropriate behavior'. The conflict between the two sides reached its climax last December. Eighty-five percent of the teachers in that educational institution approached the Union Ministry of Education against Anju. In a letter to the ministry, they alleged that Anju had "controlled" all power. She is even 'interfering' in the decision-making of the board and teachers. Since then, both sides have accused each other of ignoring each other.

According to the source, the conflict between the two sides on the 4th of this month has increased the 'crisis' of the organization. Anju's power had been cut through a resolution passed against her. The board took away the decision-making power from Anju.

Anju, an 8th batch student of IIM, started working as the director of IIM in November 2016. Anju's term will end in February next year. However, she left before that. Anju did not hide her frustration. She told, "I am disappointed that I am partially fulfilling a dream. I didn't want that to happen. Yet I am proud that I have tried my best." Anju hopes that the institution will continue to uphold its values ​​and transparency in the future.

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