IIT-Madras turns hotspot for Covid-19 after 71 test positive since December 1

Students alleged overcrowding at the only operational mess led to a spike in Covid cases

71 people, 66 students tested positive at IIT-Madras after which the institute had to be shut down temporarily. Declared a Covid hotspot, the IIT-M registrar directed faculties, staff, project staff, and research scholars to work from home.

The students, staff, and research scholars staying on campus have been asked to quarantine with packaged food being supplied to the rooms.

While the authorities remained quiet about the cause of infection, the students alleged the overcrowding at mess led to a spike in the cases. With more students in, the only operational mess was overcrowded. The mess is a place where people don't wear masks which in turn made them vulnerable.

Two people tested positive for the coronavirus on December 1, and 14 new cases were reported on December 10. Since December 11, the campus has added 55 more cases to its tally.

All 774 students will be tested by the civic authorities according to IIT-Madras Director Bhaskar Ramamurthi. Due to limited capacity with only 10% students on campus, researchers who need to do experimental work and project staff, who carry out research projects in labs were not permitted to return to the campus.

After sporadic admissions in the government, when a group of people were registered as Covid positive, the health department alerted the officials. However, most patients are recovering well according to the Institute of Ageing at the King Institute of Preventive Medicine, a public hospital in Guindy.

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