IITs have kicked off placement, students are getting more jobs and better pay.

The placement season at the Indian Institute of technology has kicked off. Around 15 companies have offered as many as 53 Jobs at the end of the first slot of recruitment.

Companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Accenture, Qualcomm, Boston Consultancy Group, JP Morgan chase & co have made offers this placement season, As per IITs.

The students have also received six International offers from companies like TSMC, SMS Data, and NTT-AT. The institute is conducting a recruitment process in three slots starting from 7 a.m till midnight.

A total of 477 students have signed up for placement across the department this year. For the first phase, 224 companies have registered, which is the total number of companies in the whole of last year (2018-19).

IIT-Roorkee says 11 students hired at the pay package for more than Rs 1 crore, the highest being an international firm's offer of Rs 2.15 crore.

Only Microsoft made a record number of 17 offers, of which girl students secured five.

Speaking of placements, an official from IITs said, "We are delighted to see encouraging results. We thank the companies for their continuous support of the institute. We have made a strong start and look forward to a successful placement season."

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