Illegal kidney racket in Assam.

A district police officer on condition of anonymity reported

“We have come across at least six other people who have been duped by this racket. There could be more such victims. Investigations are on to nab others involved in the racket.”

Source: Hindustan Times.

The two were arrested following a complaint from a person whose kidney was sold as part of the racket. Police in Assam’s Morigaon district has arrested a mother and son duo for allegedly running an illegal kidney racket.

The man was allegedly promised a sum of ₹6 lakhs for his kidney but was paid only ₹50,000.

The woman allegedly used to lure persons with a promise of a large sum of money if they “donated” their kidneys to a Kolkata-based organization with which she was involved.

Buying and selling of kidneys and other human organs is prohibited in India by the Transplantation of Human Organs Act.

However, they can be transplanted from living donors (who are close relatives of the patient or non-related persons after proper authorization by the government) and from brain-dead patients.

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