Immense Spasm Fire Devastated The Slum Area

The slum area was flaring as the immense fire broke out at Eastern Metropolitan Bypass near Purbasha Housing and Bengal Chemicals crossing in East Kolkata on December 22, 2020, ravaging about 30-35 shacks leaving residents homeless.

The fire was so immense, it took more than an hour to put it off by the firefighters. At least, 15 fire engines were at the site enacting to put off the massive fire. State Disaster Management staff and Bengal Fire Minister Sujit Bose was present at the incidental site. Later, West Bengal minister and Kolkata Corporation board chairman Firhad Hakim visited the site. and Sadhan Pande, Consumer Affairs & Self Help Group & Self-Employment minister also paid a visit at the incidental site.

So far not a single life is injured by the accident The incident caused a huge traffic jam engaging local police to divert and ease the huge rush.

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