In AMU Speech, PM Modi Concentrated On Women Empowerment

In his speech through video conferencing, he discussed on building toilets helped to reduce the dropout rate of Muslim girls 30 percent from 70 percent in schools.

New Delhi: The main thing of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech on Tuesday to blemish Aligarh Muslim's University's hundredth celebrations was on women empowerment.

According to him, he connected alumni of Aligarh Muslim University(AMU), who said receiving Swachh Bharat Mission, everyone benefitted from 10 crore toilets when built in the country. These bathrooms were also constructed without differentiation. This helped to lessen the dropout rate seriously.

Modi said millions of Muslim daughters were stopping their school earlier because of less number of bathrooms. But the situations are changed now. He also said, Central Government always trying to decrease the drop rate of Muslim daughters.

Narendra Modi said, the Government is very concerned for the education and empowerment of Muslim daughters. Almost one crore Muslim daughters have been given scholarships through the Government, in the last six years.

PM Narendra Modi said, there should be no differentiation on the ground of gender. Everyone would have similar benefits and rights in the development of the country. It was between the priorities of AMU.

Modi said, in the earlier time a talk was that when a woman is educated in a family then the whole family get education. It is a true statement. But it has a deep meaning. If women will be educated, they will utilize their rights properly. They can decide about their own future.

Then he said, education will bring employment facilities. Through employment opportunities, they will get economic independence. An empowered woman gives equal decision in every situation.

Modi said, women empowerment will give proper direction to the family, to the country also. All Education Institutions should take increasingly daughters in education, also in higher education. Modi said, country is going on the way where no one will left after because of religion. "Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Biswas is its foundational base.

He also said, without differentiation over 40 crore poor opened bank accounts, more than 2 crore poor got pucca house, more than 8 crore women were provided gas connections.

Modi also said, without any differentiation 80 million countrymen make sure free food. In Ayushman Scheme for Corona, 50 crore people got free care up to Rs.5 lakhs.

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