In Delhi Today, Petrol Price Hikes Of Rs.83 Per Litre, Diesel AT Rs.73.32

In 16 days in a report, the petrol price hikes up by Rs.2.07 per litre and diesel rate hiked to Rs.2.86

( Source: Indian Express)

On Saturday, the price violated for the first time in Delhi to Rs.83 per litre in two years. After a rally of International Oil Prices, it's the 13th rise in prices in the last two weeks.

On Saturday, the petrol price lifted 27 paise per litre and diesel to 25 paise, as reported by Oil Marketing Companies price notification.

In Delhi, petrol price stood up by Rs.83.13 per litre from Rs.82.86. Diesel rates rose to Rs.73.32 per litre from Rs.73.07.

From September 2018, It is the highest charge of petrol and diesel and the 13th growth in prices from November 20.

The petrol price went up to Rs.2.07 per litre and diesel price went up to Rs.2.86 in 16 days.

According to ICICI Securities, vaccine expectations are managing oil prices up.

In October end 2020, Brent Crude Oil rose to 34 percent hoping that Covid-19 vaccines will up to them to rehabilitation.

It is added that Oil Corporation OPEC and it's merger like Russia from January 2021 determining to lift output more quietly than before agreed. It is likely to make sure global supply shortage in the first half of 2021.

Brent rose per tank 36.9 dollars on October 30 to 49.5 dollar on December 4.

Petrol costs had been constant from 22 September and diesel charges had not been changed from October 2. It changed from November 20 in prices in India.

Basing on standard of International Oil Prices and Foreign Exchange Rate, Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Petroleum Corporation, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd changing prices of diesel and petrol.

On Friday in Mumbai, the petrol price was changing to Rs.89.78 per litre from Rs.89.52 and diesel prices also rose up from Rs.79.66 to Rs.79.93.

Prices changing from State to State basing on the occurrence of local selling tax or VAT.

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