In Hyderabad, Telangana Governments Big Drive To Waste Management

Hyderabad: Hyderabad Government is evolving 17 transfer stations, gathering complete waste management policy and circulated waste management in the city. Government carrying on extra 650 Swachh auto tippers, recognizing Compact Transportation Points(CTPs), enlarging the capacity of sewage treatment plant detected in Patancheru, manufacturing 10,000 public washrooms operational and constructing store.

After a review meeting on sanitation carried at GHMC head office Mayor Bonthu Rammohan, 7 shifted stations have been already expanded, each zone will gain 25 autos with 4.5 tonnes size which will be placed in commercial stretches.

The plant to reprocess the industrial liquid waste in Patancheru is being put up in association with Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation(TSIIC), which will be operative in six months. According to Ramky Enviro Engineers Limited, the zero liquid treatment plant of industrial waste is being enlarged million liters per day.

In GHMC records, 15 CTPs have been set up in two months, extra 35 CTPs will spot the city. The CTPs will be the gathering spot where the garbage composed from the city is discarded into compactors. The garbage from CTPs is moving to Jawaharnagar dump yard. The plan is in two months. It is primarily put up 50 CTPs in the city.

The Municipality also decided to construct another 25 basti Dawa khana. To extra enhance sanitation standards, Pattana Pragati Puraskaram, the sanitation award will be prescribed in February for Urban Local Bodies.

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