In Urban Local Governance, Odisha In Peak, Maharashtra at 2nd Spot

On urban governance index Odisha ranks first where Jharkhand, Manipur and Nagaland ranks at bottom of the list.

In the first, Urban Governance Index(UGI) 2020 report on Tuesday delivered by Praja Foundation. Odisha has been able to reach all the standards set for actual empowerment of local self-government and common people democracy.

In Urban Governance index by Maharashtra, Odisha ranked first when Manipur, Nagaland, Jharkhand placed at the bottom of the list. In the absolute score, no States have scored more than 57%.

The subject matter primarily focus on the constructional aspects of Urban Governance. Those are authorized local elected representatives and legislative structure, authorized city administration, authorized citizens and fiscal empowerment.

Former Governor of Jharkhand said that we should aware of authorization of city governance. It is the basic to provide appropriate infrastructure and sufficient services to the people. Although 25 years passed, there is no survey of urban governance reforms over the country.

Praja delivered first Urban Governance index to survey and execution of urban governance reforms in the country.

Nitai Mehta, the founder said that it is already decided to address the Government to point out the condition of urban governance and desire for improvement. He said that the next UGI will be in December 2023.

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