In Women Empowerment Parameters, AP Scores Better

In the fifth National Family Health Survey(NFHS-5,2019-20), from the various parameters of the women empowerment metrics, Andhra Pradesh has grown between 3% to 17% in comparison to NFHS-4(2015-16).

The empowerment metric is formed on several parameters like participation in decision-making responsibility in their houses, self-owned land or house. To have a bank account, they can use their mobile phones and maintain hygienic at the time of menstrual cycle period.

In comparison to the last survey, gender-based differences have reduced. Men violence on female has decreased to 13%.

In the survey, it is found that 4% of increment has happened for 84.1% married women( aged15-49 years) who are participating in household decisions. Women owning land and house reached 47.8% with an increment of 3%. Bank and savings account of women which they are handling themselves is 81.8%, it is the increment of more than 14% from NFHS-4.

Women owning and using their mobile phones is 48.9%, it is increased to 13%.

The young women who aged to (15 to 24 years) using hygienic protective methods in their menstrual cycle period are 85.1%, it is increased to 17.5%.

The percentage of women who are working and getting paid is at 42.1%.

Men violence on women for married women aged (18-49 years) was high at 30%, but it is decreased to 13.4% from NFHS-4.

About 3.8% of women have experienced physical violence at the period of pregnancy in comparison to 4.9%.

The young women percentage(age from 18-29 years) was experiencing sexual violence has decreased to 3.7% from 6.8%.

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