Paving a path to a new and fresh start:

The two governments have opened the gates of diplomacy, aimed at a modest roadmap to normalising ties. Relation between two countries i.e. India and Pakistan has always been rocky, complex and hostile mainly due to history and political events. The most salient and overwhelming of these conflicts is, which occurred after the partition, where two countries embroiled in a conflict over fate of Kashmir.

Conflictual Relations:

Ties between the nuclear-armed rivals, after one of the recent incident, Pulwama attack, has been on ice since a suicide bombing of an Indian military convoy in Kashmir in 2019 traced to Pakistan-based militants that led to India sending warplanes to Pakistan. India's response to Pulwama terror, India conducted an aerial strike at a terror training center in Balakot of Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province on 26th February 2019. In the same year, August 5, 2019, Prime minister Narendra Modi revoked article 370 and tightened the group over that territory, provoking Pakistan and downgrading the diplomatic ties.

No confirmations:

According to the reports, officials from India’s Research and Analysis Wing, the external spy agency, and Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) traveled to Dubai for a meeting facilitated by the UAE. Although the Indian foreign ministry and Pakistan military, neither confirmed nor denied any meetings being held but according to Ayesha Siddiqua, a Pakistani defense analyst states that India and Pakistani officials have been meeting for the last few months, in third countries.

UAE confirmation in mediating:

However, United Arab Emirates (UAE) envoy confirmed to the US that the gulf state is mediating between India and Pakistan to help the nuclear-armed rivals, reach a healthy and functional relationship.

Mutual bonding:

The latest reports state that India and Pakistan are willing to dial down their rhetoric inclusive Pakistan ready to drop loud objectification against Prime Minister, Narendra Modi repealing Kashmir’s autonomy, in return of Delhi would stop blaming Pakistan for all violence on its side of the Line of Control.

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