India-China aggrement on disengagement in Pangong Lake Area.

After a long drawn disturbance on the Indo-China Border along the Pangong Lake in Ladakh, the terms were arrived at between the two countries on November 6. On this day, the disengagement plan was discussed between both sides by the 8th cops Commander Level.

This is regarded as a major development as there might be a resolution to be arrived at regarding the disruption relating to the Indo- China disturbance. The disengagement was agreed upon in areas of the Eastern Ladakh Sector, under the circumstances when both the armies decided to move back to their respective zones by April-May.

As per the disengagement plan, the armored vehicles including tanks and other armaments were to be moved back to a certain distance with respect to the Line of Control (LAC). As per the discussions, these armaments were scheduled to be removed within a single day. The Indians are truly being careful with respect to the Galwan Valley crash earlier this year where 20 Indian soldiers had lost their lives.

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