India Coronavirus Updates

The country's tally has surged past the 2.1 crore mark, boosted by the record 412,262 recent cases. Source- NDTV

Current Status

India on Thursday reported over 4,00,000 coronavirus cases over the last 24 hours, while deaths rose by a record of 3,980. The country's tally has swelled past the 2.1 crore mark, increased by the record 4,12,262 recent cases. The total death toll is now 23,01,68 while the infection tally increased to 2,10,77,410, the data updated at 8 am showed.

The Centre told the top court that a survey conducted showed that Delhi hospitals have a significant stock of oxygen. The Centre said, "280 MT oxygen coming today by oxygen express train," said, adding that the supply of more oxygen to Delhi will affect the share of other states. The top court responded by saying that its formula for oxygen allocation is a gross underestimate for Delhi and that it requires a complete revamp. It also rapped the Centre over the handling of the oxygen crisis and said, "It's not just about allocating oxygen to states, we also need a plan for logistics." The third wave is around the corner and that it's time we prepare for it, it added.

Probability of a 3rd wave

The government's top scientific adviser on Wednesday said a third wave of the coronavirus is "inevitable", cautioning that vaccines will need to be "updated" to deal with the new strains that have devastated hospitals and left thousands deceased.

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