India exposes Pakistan in UNHRC, calls "factory that produces terrorists"

(Pawan Kumar Badhe,1st secretary of Permanent Mission of India to UN on UNHRC today)

India Slammed Pakistan over promoting terrorist activities again on an international platform. India Accused it of Malicious propaganda against the country at the UNHRC.

First Secretary of Permanent Mission of India to UN, Pawankumar Bandhe bluntly implicated Pakistan on their active and open support for terrorist organizations and indicated as " The Factory that produces terrorists".

"Pakistan’s deliberate misuse of this august forum for its malicious propaganda against India, aimed at diverting the Council's attention from its serious violations of human rights, has remained a constant. Pakistani leaders have admitted the fact that it has become a factory for producing terrorists," he added.

He also rejected the claim of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation over the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. He said "it has no locus stand" on the issue.

Till now, Islamabad has not reacted to the statements. To know further details, here is the video link:

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