India Has Highest Global Covid-19 Recoveries, Overtakes US

Globally, India is the second worst-hit country by COVID pandemic to record the highest recoveries

India’s Covid-19 cases have crossed the 53-lakh mark with over 93,000 new cases in the last 24 hours according to the released data by the Health Ministry.

Around 42 lakh people have beaten Covid-19 in India whereas the US has around 41 lakh recovered people. This leads to India having the highest global recoveries. The Ministry credited the Central Government for taking timely steps which lead to the recovery rate to 79.28 percent.

The Ministry of Health said, “focused, calibrated, responsive and effective measures of early identification through high and aggressive testing, prompt surveillance and tracking coupled with standardized high-quality clinical care have together resulted in this global achievement.”

Currently, the country has recorded around 16,86,769 new coronavirus cases and its positivity rate has increased from 7.5 percent in mid-July to now 10.58 percent in September.

The Central Government has declared that India’s daily cases are among the highest in the world but the cases if compared with the population are among the lowest. The latest inclusions from the 8 AM bulletin of the Health Ministry shows the fatality rate of India is 1.61 percent.

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