Indian American intern got viral for her Hindu faith online

NASA invited applications for new interns with a picture of an Indian American girl. The girl is posing with some Indian idols in the background.

image source: opindia

Nasa recently tweeted some images of former interns. The ideas of NASA seemed to display the diversity of people serving the US space agency.

Among the pictures of four interns was one of an Indian American girl, in a room wearing a sweater sporting a NASA logo with a Hindu god sculpture and poster on the background.

The reason for widespread trolling for her faith, “how some meritorious interns in the US space agency, an advanced firm, can believe in god”. Also how NASA could allow somebody who believes in God.

image source: opindia

Some questioned NASA for putting up a stereotypical image of an Indian girl. While others criticized the idols at the workspace of the Indian-origin intern.

The trolling went towards pundits, with supporters saying they were completely okay with the fact that the Indian NASA intern had Hindu idols beside her.

image source: opindia

A Twitter user mentioned on Twitter: "All those mocking her: Hijab, polygamy, child marriages, Niqab, prayers on road, etc. are supposed to be respected under the concept of 'choice' and 'pluralism' but a Hindu lady practicing her faith has to be ridiculed. Carry on! Your bigotry will make her faith stronger."

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