Indian Chinese students face issues attending University lectures.

From 66,713 in 2000 to 3,01,460 in 2016, the total number of Indian students overseas increased drastically as analyzed by the UNESCO Institute of Statistics. China who has 'clinical medicine' as its most popular major, acquires 20,000 clinical students studying widely around various Chinese Universities. After the Indian Government outlawed many Chinese apps, the students are facing many concerns regarding their online classes.

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"Earlier my classes were conducted online on the WeChat app. But after it was banned by the Indian Government, my university started using another Chinese platform 'DingTalk', but that too got banned", said a Delhi Student who is currently studying at Soochow University. The students who have raised a complaint to the Indian and Chinese supremacy are the members of Indian Students in China (ISC).

"Due to network issues, we can't attend lectures and it is certainly not smooth learning. Due to a lot of disturbance, we do not even understand the basic details sometimes." said the national administrator of ISC, a student from Vadodara, Gujarat.

Different establishments from India are trying to elevate the affair with qualified dominion. "On behalf of Gujarat students, I and some others are trying to arrange a meeting with ministers in the central government to discuss the issues of these students," said a member of the Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce (SGCCI), Manish Kapadia.

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