Indian woman died in a car accident, Ajman

Another tragic accident caused the death of an Indian woman on Saturday at a parking lot of a hospital in Ajman. The accident occurred when her husband was parking his four-wheeler.

According to the source, this disastrous incident happened when the couple went for a health checkup in the hospital. The deceased, Liji, a 45year old woman, mother of two children was helping her husband to park the car. She was giving signals to her husband to park properly and was standing just in front of the car.

"The car mistakenly moved forward and she got jammed between the front compound walla and the car. We couldn't rescue her, the whole community is shocked and saddened by the incident" said the president of Indian Association UMM AI Quwain, Sajad Nattika. The hopeless husband was completely shattered with the incident. His relatives were trying to console him anyway.

Their elder son is an engineering student and their daughter studies in a school in Umm Ai Quwain. They have been living there for several years. "He was my college mate and also a member of the association.

We have always seen this couple together. They both are good drivers. We are severely shocked by this tragic Incident", Sajad added to his speech.

Police are investigating the case. The association will help and support the deceased family as well.

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