Infuriated Father Killed Infant For Crying

A man punished eventually killed his baby for crying. Gautam, 40 could resist his temper when his one-and-a-half-year-old daughter was crying continuously. He attempted to cease her crying by hurling her to the ground when she didn't stop the man decided to strangulate her to death.

This heart-throbbing incident was witnessed by the mother of the victim who shouted for help so that her baby could be saved. The neighbors came for rescue but by the time the baby was already dead. The crowd of revolting neighbors battered the man and handed him over to the cops. The child's corpse was immediately sent for autopsy by the cops and Gautam has been taken into custody.

The accuser is a resident of Mukchundtoli, a locality nearby the Chutia Police Station area of Ranchi. He is known to be a callous alcoholic for years. He was even admitted to a rehabilitation center, Nasha Mukti Kendra to get rid of his drinking habits but all was in vain, he did not give up drinking.

Babita, the mother of the victim is shocked by the uncertainty of her husband's behavior. She believes the man loved both the wife and the kid very much.

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