Iran claims Iranian drones can travel over 7000 km

Figure: Iranian drones can travel more than 7000 km (Source:

Iranian drones can travel more than 7000 km. Islamic Revolutionary Guard (IGRC) chief major general Hossein Salami mentioned “They can fly, return home, and make landings wherever they planned to”. He also stated drones are the key element for Iran's border surveillance, especially the waters around the straits of Hormuz.

As mentioned by revolutionary guards on Sunday the development seen as a threat to regional stability by Washington.

Figure: Political Cartoons on World Leaders (Source: US

The former U.S President Donald Trump seems excited about reviving the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran and six major powers and reimposed sanctions.

The western military stated Iran sometimes exaggerates its capability. Though it convinced that drones are a key element for border surveillance.

Iran has equipped drones since the war with Iraq in the 1980s. Iranian drones are presently manufactured for Iranian proxies across the middle east.

The existence of 7000 km range drones has not confirmed yet by Iran. However, the US-made RQ-170 Sentinel captured by Iranian forces in 2011. Iran later revealed the reverse engineering copies of Shahid 171 Simitgh and Saegheh UAVS.

Israel is a long-time middle east enemy of Iran and considered the largest exporter of drones in the world.