Is India practicing Hindi Imperialism?

Hindi imposition is a curse than a progressive vision

A few years ago, all of a sudden, Govt ordered a change in the convention of highway milestones to Hindi in many parts of South India. Adding Hindi at the cost of removing the Kannada text was a definite display of an imperialistic attitude. BJP MP Pratap Sinha had raised this concern against his own Union minister(Nitin Gadkari).

BJP leader can be seen questioning the need to replace Kannada with Hindi

At the moment, in the state of Tamil Nadu, anti- Hindi protests are in full swing. The demonstration follows the National Education Policy's three-language formula. In a letter to the PM, Tamil Nadu's Chief Minister Edappadi Palaniswamy had clearly stated the opposition of Tamil Nadu against the imposition of Hindi as the third language in schools.

The state wishes to stick to Tamil and English that have been traditionally taught in schools, a policy born out of agitation associated with the region's identity.

On the occasion of  Hindi Diwas, poet and activist Kamla Bhasin told that the concept of "uniformity" is causing chaos in the name of national integration. The need to become equal has been interpreted as becoming identical.

Several instances of arrogance and imperialism have been reported that intentionally targeted on alienating regional languages.

One such report alleges that villagers from a district in Karnataka were denied service in a rude fashion just because they knew only Kannada but not Hindi.

It seems like banks hate Non-Hindi speaking community

Govt advertisements of Indian Railways, Govt ads of income Tax depts, Welfare scheme depts, Swachha Bharat dept, etc published in Hindi are solely aimed at alienating the people from the policies. Kannadigas don't know what their govt is trying to say through such ads.

A Hindi ad in a Kannada newspaper

Interventions like proposing multiple languages in Kashmir as the official languages where Urdu and English were official languages for 131 years created a spur of discontent and alienation among the citizens of Kashmiris.

Misleading claims like terming Hindi as the national language when the fact is that we don't have a national language. Not only does this assertion defy the numbers( Non- Hindi mother tongue is far more prevalent in the country), it defies history. Languages like Awadhi, Bhojpuri, Braj are much older than Hindi that were nominally fused into Hindi as a political tactic.

The objection from several BJP leaders confirms that these are not some random issues created by the opposition but genuine ones that are affecting the lives of Kannadigas, Kashmiris among many others.

While India maintains its linguistic diversity, it should be noted that it's neighbors Sri Lanka( Civil war) and Pakistan ( Formation of Bengal) have faced the brunt of imposing one culture throughout.

Hindi imposition is not just a false concern by the Kannadigas. It's a grave issue that is growing severe with time.

If it goes on, the preamble would certainly lose its already fading meaning.

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