Israeli airstrike kills 42 people in Gaza.

Netanyahu spoke to CBS’s Face the Nation about ongoing violence between Israeli forces and the armed Palestinian group Hamas. (Source of image: The Hindustan Times) Israeli airstrikes on Gaza City on May 16, killed at least 42 people as the conflict entered the seventh day. The incident marked the deadliest single attack since a heavy fight broke out between Israel and the territory's militant Hamas rulers nearly a week ago. Over the course of five minutes, just after midnight, the airstrikes hit a busy street with residential buildings and stores, — destroying 2 adjacent buildings and 1 about 50 yards (meters) down the road. Due to Israeli airstrikes, the death toll in Palestine has reached 188. The Gaza Health Ministry said, that among the deceased there were 55 children, and according to The Times of Israel, 1,230 Palestinians were wounded. In a televised address, Netanyahu said the attacks on Sunday evening were continuing at "full-force" and will "take time" and that Israel "wants to levy a heavy price" from Gaza's militant Hamas rulers.

Top 10 information from the story : 1. The violence on May 16 marked the worst fight since the devastating 2014 war in Gaza. After midnight, the airstrikes on Sunday hit a busy downtown street destroying two adjacent buildings and one about 50 yards (meters) down the road. 2. Since the start of the current round of violence, according to the Israeli military, most of those killed in Gaza are members of terror groups or were killed by errant Palestinian rockets. 3. A league of Muslim nations demanded Israel to stop the attacks killing Palestinian civilians amid heavy fighting between it and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. 4. The 57-nation Organisation of Islamic Cooperation followed the statement previously issued by the Saudi-based group about backing the decade-old call for Palestinians to have their own nation and East Jerusalem as its capital. 5. India urged "both sides" to show extreme restraint and not attempt to unilaterally change the current situation, and that "immediate de-escalation" is needed right now. 6. The UN Security Council held an open meeting on the situation in the Middle East, during which Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary-General, termed the tensions as the "most serious escalation" in Gaza and Israel. 7. For a pro-Palestinian demonstration, despite a ban, tens of thousands of people gathered in Paris, because of which police used tear gas and water cannon to disperse the crowd. Across several major US cities, demonstrators took to streets demanding an end to the violence between Israel and Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip. 8. Israel appears to have stepped up their strikes. The Israeli military informed they destroyed the home of Yahiyeh Sinwar, Gaza’s top Hamas leader in the southern town of Khan Younis. In the last two days, it was the third such attack on the homes of senior Hamas leaders, who now have gone underground. 9. Benjamin Netanyahu, PM of Israel, to pursue the Palestinian militant group, said that for as long as necessary, "Fire will be met with fire." 10. Riad Al-Malki, Palestinian Foreign Minister, accused Israel of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in Gaza and carrying out a policy of "apartheid" in Jerusalem. The Israel-Palestine conflict: For the last week, the situation on the border between Israel and the Palestinian Gaza Strip is deteriorating. The escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict started when the unrest began in East Jerusalem over a decision made by the Israeli court to remove several Palestinian families from the area. The warplanes of Israel on May 15, destroyed a building in Gaza City with offices of various media groups like Al Jazeera and the American Associated Press.

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