Issues with dowry: Woman raped and strangled to death by husband in Uttar Pradesh

A 25-year-old woman was found dead on a field in the Hamirpur district of Kanpur this Saturday. The incident which came to light on Sunday post investigation revealed that the deceased was raped before being murdered by her husband. Kanchan was a resident of Nasirpur where she lived with her husband, in-laws, and her two-year-old son.

Her husband and in-laws habitually mistreated her on account of dowry. Situations being unbearable, Kanchan moved to her parents’ house on January 4th, from where she went missing under mysterious circumstances on February 2nd.


Following the disappearance, Kanchan’s family lodged a missing complaint in the Kuchecha police outpost, officially stating suspicion on their son-in-law. Thereby began the investigation which finally led to the alarming revelations. The convict, Kanchan’s husband, Amit Lal was accused after which he confessed to his crime.

He had convinced his wife to come to Harirampur so as to give her money. However, as the turn of events occurred, he instead took her to a field and had intercourse with her. Lal disposed of his wife’s cellular device in a river closeby. He used her dupatta to strangle her to death and hid the corpse in the field from where it was discovered a day later.

According to Circle Officer (City) Anurag Singh, the accused, who was put to detention from Kanpur Dehat on Saturday has stated that he wanted to live with his wife but she and her parents were against such arrangement. This provoked to commit this atrocity that led to the loss of innocent life.

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